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Artist's Statement

My paintings present visions and echoes of the sublime which are derived from nature and commonly shared experiences, such as staring at the stars in the sky, experiencing an ocean or lake, watching the sunrise or sunset, personal loss, time alone or falling in love. The artworks speak to all people who seek a consciousness that is universal, all-inclusive, and mystic.


Through abstraction and improvisation, using traditional painting materials and techniques, each work becomes a wellspring of endless engagement, interpretation, mystery, and drama that pulsates with life force. These paintings are meant to be fun to look at and reveal new meaning with each viewing.

The paintings feature undefined shapes and forms that inhabit and take over energized space. Intrinsic tactile qualities of paint and brushwork are set free to germinate images that could not be made with any other medium.


Significant artistic influences on my work include Wassily Kandinsky, Mark Tobey, Jackson Pollock, Lee Krasner, Ivan Albright, Martin Puryear, Richard Hunt, Vincent Van Gogh, Richard Pousette-Dart, Kenneth Noland, Agnes Martin and Larry Poons.


Bruce Thorn, May 25, 2024

Bruce's stretchers, Dec 11, 2020 DSC_0384.JPG
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