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Artist's Statement

I approach painting through abstraction and improvisation, intending to present a universal, timeless glimpse of the sublime and mystical. Blending experiential memories and imagination, each work becomes a wellspring of endless engagement, interpretation, mystery and drama that pulsates with life force.

My paintings feature undefined shapes and forms that inhabit and take over energized space. Intrinsic tactile qualities of paint and brushwork are set free to germinate images that could not be made with any other medium. Narrative has been discarded and replaced by a textured visual language that involves daily exploration and relearning to stay fresh and alive.

To achieve these goals, I use traditional oil painting techniques on a variety of surfaces, including linen, canvas, wood panels, sheet metal and even hubcaps. The work is labor intensive. and detailed.

I present advanced, contemporary painting with a gravitas that encourages viewers to open up their own imaginations and associative reactions. These are paintings that one can live with for a very long time.


Bruce Thorn, March 25, 2023

Bruce's stretchers, Dec 11, 2020 DSC_0384.JPG
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