To read reviews and essays about art that have been written by Bruce Thorn, click on the following links:

Ray Yoshida’s Painting Classes at S.A.I.C. During the Early Nineteen Seventies

bruce thorn, March 18, 2019

Dimitri Pavlotsky, Revealing Essence

bruce thorn, april 26, 2019

Artistic Collaboration TodaY

Victor M. Cassidy

nAE Jan/Feb 2019


Anonymous Women

Patty Carrol

NAE, Nov/Dec 2018

Spatial Ambiguity

Julie Karabenick and Marcia fraerman

NAE, Sept/Oct 2018



Judith Roston Freilich



out of Easy Reach

Stony island Arts Bank

NAE, JUly/Aug 2018


Silver Lining

Brian Dovie Golden

NAE July/Aug 2018



Mary Lou Zelazny

NAE, May/june, 2018


Twists and turns

Neil Goodman

NAE, Jan/Feb 2018

Handbook of unknowing

Jackie Tileston

NAE, Jan/Feb, 2018


William Blake

the age of aquarius

nae, nov/dec 2017


in the meantime

arlene shechet

nae, july/aug 2017


the funny pleasures of war

jim dine

nae, july/august, 2017


theaster gates

phaidon press, 2015

becker, lee and borchardt-hume

nae, july, august 2017


gallery weekend chicago expanded

nae, may/june 2017

vonnegut's odyyssey

national veterans art museum

neoteric art, april 11, 2017

dennis kowalski kicks back 60 years in the arts

neoteric art, nov 25, 2016

imperfection, wonder and terror

an interview with david richards

neoteric art, august 26, 2016

jennifer jason leigh

molly zuckerman-hartung

neoteric art

april 20, 2017

morality tales

mary porterfield and

kathy weaver at firecat press

neoteric art, march 8, 2017

a ghost ship of tragedy and crisis

neoteric Art, April 11, 2016